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12.08.21 Foundry Launches FoundryX, a Marketplace to Match Buyers and Sellers of Bitcoin Mining Machines, Completing Over $125M in Sales in 2021

12.08.21 Foundry Launches Bitcoin Mining Rig Marketplace

12.08.21 Foundry Launches Resale Marketplace for Bitcoin Mining Machines

12.08.21 DCG's Foundry launches marketplace to sell bitcoin mining machines


12.08.21 Foundry Launches Bitcoin Mining Machine Marketplace, US Pool Becomes the World's Largest Miner

11.10.21 Foundry Announces Digital Assets Staking Business and Range of Services for Institutions

11.10.21 DCG's mining subsidiary Foundry launches staking business

11.10.21 Foundry Digital Launches Staking Business as Institutions Become Comfortable

11.10.21 Top Bitcoin Mining Pool Foundry Starts Digital Currency Staking Business

8.9.21 China is getting out of crypto mining. Is North America ready to embrace it?

8.5.21 Foundry Grants 1BTC to to Boost Bitcoin Ecosystem’s Security and Transparency

7.12.21 HIVE Buys 3,019 High Performance Bitcoin Miners Increasing Production By 46% Immediately

4.23.21 Bitdeer Group Partners With Foundry, Making First Asian Institutional Client to Join Foundry USA Pool

4.23.21 Bitfarms Partners with Foundry to Expand Bitcoin Mining Fleet and Join Foundry USA Pool, Instantly Boost Hashrate by 15%

4.03.21 Proof-of-Disagreement: Bitcoin's Work vs. Ethereum's Planned Staking

3.31.2021 Bitcoin miner Blockcap closes $75M investment led by Off The Chain, Foundry Digital

3.23.2021 Hut 8 to Join Foundry USA Pool, Adds 14,400 Machines With 5,000 More to Follow

1.22.2021 Hut 8 Completes $11.8M Financing for New Bitcoin Mining Machines

1.14.2021 Foundry Among 'Founding' Miners For the Launch Of Stacks 2.0

1.13.21 Compute North, Foundry Team Up to Target North American Bitcoin Miners

12.9.2020 Core Scientific Partners with Foundry in Financing Deal up to $23 Million

9.25.20 Rochester-based Foundry foresees growth in cryptocurrency

9.25.2020 MicroBT Sets Up First Offshore Bitcoin Miner Factory to Expand US Market Share

9.22.2020 Bitcoin Mining Company Headquartered in Rochester Looking to invest 100 million

9.11.2020 Is Crypto Mining Really Moving to North America?

9.10.2020 Bitmain Partners with Foundry to Drive Traditional Capital into a New Digital Era

8.28.2020 China is ‘No Threat to Bitcoin,’ Promises Foundry CEO After $100 Million Bitcoin Mining Bet

8.27.2020 Time to Mine: DCG Reveals Crypto Mining Subsidiary Foundry

8.27.2020 Digital Currency Group invests $100mln into Bitcoin mining capital and advisory firm 8.27.2020 DCG to Invest $100M in Bitcoin Mining Venture

8.27.2020 Digital Currency Group sets up bitcoin mining subsidiary, commits $100M in funding through next year

08.27.2020 There’s (digital) gold in them thar hills: Crypto giant DCG is betting $100 million on mining Bitcoin in North America


11.20.2020 Roles of the Graph Curator

9.24.20 The Graph Mission Control