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As an early collaborator with the OpenTensor foundation, Foundry Staking is deeply knowledgeable of the Bittensor Network, a blockchain-based machine learning protocol. A complex network made novel through its rewards to both validators and miners, Bittensor leverages the possibilities of a distributed ledger for the development and distribution of collaborative intelligence technology.

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Early Adopters

As early collaborators with the OpenTensor Foundation, we know the network.

We believe in the growth of the Bittensor network and its mission to decentralize artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

Infrastructure Expertise

Our knowledgeable team helps you stake with confidence.

Our team of developers has been working in the Bittensor network since 2021 and operates the #2 TAO validator overall.

Community Contribution

Reinvesting in projects that make a difference.

Our work looks beyond day-to-day payouts. We reinvest in emerging protocols that push forward the vision of a decentralized world.

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Bittensor FAQ

Access the official Bittensor staking guide here. You can stake TAO using Foundry’s address: 5HEo565WAy4Dbq3Sv271SAi7syBSofyfhhwRNjFNSM2gP9M2

 Learn about TAO tokenomics here

Query models directly using Chattensor

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