TAO Staking Delegation Guide

Foundry supports select proof-of-stake protocols that bring value to our institutional client base and align with our mission to develop decentralized infrastructure on a global scale. At Foundry, we have a dedicated product team that leverages our technical expertise to identify strategic emerging protocols and support their infrastructural needs as an early ecosystem entrant.

Bittensor is one such protocol.

Our team has been working closely with the Opentensor Foundation since 2021, contributing to both the mining and staking sides of the protocol tokenomics. We operate the second largest validator in the network and have innovated by bringing an enterprise-grade TAO staking offering to the market.

To stake your TAO or build a custom staking solution with Foundry, contact us here.


This guide aims to walk delegators through the process of staking TAO to the public Foundry validator address. We have covered the steps you may follow on the two wallet interfaces currently supporting TAO staking: the Bittensor native wallet and Polkadot JS.

Wallet Setup

Prior to delegating your TAO tokens, you may create a Bittensor wallet as follows:

1. Navigate to https://wallet.bittensor.com/ and select ‘Create.’

2. Select ‘Create New,’ read and accept the pop-up disclaimer by the Opentensor Foundation.

3. Move forward to ‘Generate Mnemonic,’ store your mnemonic phrase (which will be used to generate your other private keys) safely, and re-type it as requested.

4. Create a password, retype it, and select ‘Continue.’

5. Done! Now you will be able to access your Bittensor wallet.

Bittensor Wallet Staking

Accessing the Bittensor wallet that contains the TAO balance you wish to stake, you may:

1. Select ‘Stake.’

2. Input Foundry’s hotkey or validator address and click ‘Continue.’ 


3. Type in the TAO amount you wish to delegate to the Foundry validator address and select ‘Stake’ to sign and submit the transaction to the Bittensor chain.

Polkadot JS Staking

If you prefer to use to Polkadot JS interface, you may follow these steps, as outlined by the Opentensor Foundation:

1. Install the Polkadot Extension wallet in your browser and add to it the Bittensor wallet that contains the TAO balance you wish to stake. A pop-up authorization request will be displayed. After setting it up, you may go to Polkadot JS, where your account should be available.

2. Under the ‘Developer’ menu on the top of Polkadot JS, select ‘Extrinsics.’

3. In the drop-down menu below the selected account, choose ‘subtensorModule’ for the extrinsic.

4. In the drop-down menu to the right of the ‘subtensorModule,’ select ‘addStake (hotkey, amountStaked).

5. Paste Foundry’s hotkey or validator address in the drop-down ‘hotkey’ field. 5HEo565WAy4Dbq3Sv271SAi7syBSofyfhhwRNjFNSM2gP9M2

6. For the ‘amountStaked’ field, input in RAO the amount of TAO that you wish to delegate to the Foundry validator address. 1 TAO = 10⁹ RAO. Therefore, if you wish to stake 1 TAO, input 1,000,000,000 in this field.

7. After verifying the keys and amounts, select ‘Submit Transaction’ to sign and submit the transaction to the Bittensor chain.


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