Your Facility, Our Expertise, Seamless Solutions.

Foundry Site Operations is a fully integrated service with people at the core, handling all the unique challenges at your mining site so you don’t have to. We provide trained staff to implement the processes, tools, and technology required to monitor, repair equipment, and oversee your site.

Simplifying mining operations, end to end.

Managing and operating a mining site comes with its unique set of challenges. Site operators are faced with laborious work across oftentimes extreme conditions. To do the job successfully, it requires a willingness to get your hands dirty, manage a workforce, machine inventory, safety standards, and more.

By partnering with Foundry for your site operations, you remove the unknown elements — allowing us to do the hard work for you. Our tailored approach for every individual site ensures your needs are met, and challenges are off your hands.


Why Foundry?

By Miners, For Miners

We, like you, are miners. We apply our vast experience to each client site, giving us an advantage over other operators.

High Performance in Diverse Climates

>97% uptime and hashrate efficiency across Foundry-owned sites throughout North America.

Full Support Suite

With a full suite of mining services, we provide you with a singular cost-effective source for your mining- related needs.

Proprietary Software

Foundry USA Pool™ and OptiFleet™ connect to provide extensive reporting on machine performance.

24/7 Monitoring

We have eyes and alerts on your fleet, 24/7 — issuing remote reboots and remedies while in constant communication with on-site techs.

Recruiting Expertise

We leverage our industry relationships and hiring best practices to staff your site with a trained team.

Foundry OptiFleet™

OptiFleet is action-oriented workflow software exclusively available for Site Operations customers. Site managers, onsite technicians, and remote monitoring agents can understand the operational health in real time, and determine what actions need to be taken to improve and maintain site profitability.

With close integrations with the Foundry USA Pool™, OptiFleet gives a clear and transparent view of key contractual and operational health metrics of your site. We leverage information from both OptiFleet and Foundry USA Pool to anticipate and respond to machine performance at your site.


Leverage our Full Suite of Mining Services.

Site Operations seamlessly integrates with the our full suite of mining services. We bridge site services and proprietary technologies to produce the ideal miner experience—supporting your journey throughout the cycles of mining.

U.S.-based, institutional-grade mining pool.

Trusted source for buying and selling crypto mining machines.

Comprehensive mining equipment installation and facilities services.

Premiere training and education for mining technicians.

End-to-end mining hardware shipment and storage solutions.

Premier mining hardware built to maximize performance.

Building or expanding a mining site?

We’re excited to learn more about your site. To talk to a team member about your mining operations, contact us today.

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