Advancing AI-related networks as node operators and compute providers. 

Foundry sits at the intersection of AI and blockchain, acting as a bridge to accessing datacenter-grade Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) in a high-demand market.

GPU Demand

Demand for AI has significantly impacted the value and availability of GPUs. GPUs are graphics processing units optimized for training AI and deep learning models, processing multiple computations simultaneously — making them useful for machine learning operations.

Foundry now provides the GPU computing power developers need, at an affordable price and without sacrificing the user experience.


Blockchain is a solution to meeting GPU demand.

With our commitment to decentralized AI and affordable access to high-performance compute, we partner with blockchain protocols, such as Bittensor and Akash, who provide permissionless access and improved coordination in the AI model hosting and training space.

Foundry <> Bittensor

Providing permissionless access to machine learning models.

Bittensor has grown to be one of the largest AI projects in crypto, leveraging blockchain to create a large-scale ranked inference network.

Foundry is validating and mining on the network, and running proof-of-authority nodes to secure consensus.

Foundry <> Akash

Providing permissionless access to GPU compute.

Akash is a general compute marketplace that allows easier access to GPUs at scale, more foundation models to be trained, and drives down the costs of GPUs.

Foundry is supporting the development of foundation models on the Akash network by providing datacenter GPUs at affordable costs.

Looking for more GPU computing power?

Contact the Foundry Accelerate team for more information.

Contact the Foundry Accelerate team.