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With our robust knowledge of equipment inventory, pricing, and demand, we are your trusted partner to help you scale your mining operations with ease.

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Tell us what machine, quantity, and price you’re looking for. Our FoundryX team will work to source your order at competitive and fair prices.

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When you’re ready to reinvest in your fleet, sell your used crypto mining equipment through FoundryX.

Machine Spotlight

Whatsminer M30S/M30S+

88 Th
MOQ: 100 Units
Remaining Inventory: 500+
Condition: Used- 7 day DOA
Inventory in USA
Price: Starting at $6.50/Th

Whatsminer M50

118 Th
MOQ: 100 Units
Remaining Inventory: 500+
Condition: New with warranty
Available in 10 days
Price: Starting at $15.50Th

Antminer XP

134/141 Th
MOQ: 100 Units
Remaining Inventory: 500+
Condition: New with warranty
Available in 10 days
Price: Starting at $24.50/Th

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Why Choose FoundryX?

FoundryX removes the frustration and confusion miners have become accustomed to when buying or selling crypto mining equipment.

Working directly with the manufacturers or resellers so you don’t have to, we’re able to quickly source units and secure competitive pricing. Our FoundryX team strategically partners with miners to help them build their fleets with intention and performance optimization in mind.



Personalized Support

Tailored, high-touch global support based in the US, staffed with both English and Chinese-speaking team members.


The strongest technical team in the industry with unrivaled experience in ASIC brokerage and mining operations.


With a direct point of contact from the moment you reach out, we’re there to answer any questions and provide a consultative approach to your sourcing strategy.

Foundry Logistics

FoundryX and Foundry Logistics work seamlessly side by side, providing you with efficient and reliable customer service from the time your order is placed, through pickup and delivery.

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