Setting new standards for mining services.

Designed to see institutions through every phase of the mining cycle, our full suite of mining products and services helps you effectively navigate the Bitcoin mining industry with ease.

End-to-end solutions that support institutional miners.

Foundry USA Pool

An institutional-grade mining pool built on security, trust, and reliability

Setting new standards of professionalism, Foundry takes on the risks associated with mining through our FPPS payout model, SOC compliance, and KYC of our pool members, providing a trusted space for miners to operate within.
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Foundry X

Build your fleet with FoundryX

FoundryX is your trusted partner for buying and selling cryptocurrency mining machines. With the latest-generation machines and an extensive network of OEMs, brokers, and large miners, we can get you the right equipment at the right price and help you strategically optimize your fleet.
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Foundry Logistics

End-to-end shipment and storage solutions for mining hardware

With industry relationships around the globe, we bridge the gap between hardware manufacturers and buyers by providing an all-in-one solution for logistics management. With services ranging from factory pickup, international transportation, customs clearance, and warehousing, our specialists provide solutions tailored to your specific needs efficiently and economically.
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Foundry Deploy

Full-cycle mining equipment installation and maintenance services

Designed to get your mining site up and running quickly, our team of trained professionals travels to your site to set up and power your mining rigs rapidly and reliably, specializing in installation, de-installation, troubleshooting, diagnostics, and component-level repair.
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Foundry Academy

Premiere training and education for mining technicians

Whether you’re an industry professional, dedicated enthusiast, or career changer, courses offered by Foundry will provide you with hands-on experience configuring, diagnosing, and troubleshooting mining machines.
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We’re uniquely positioned to support miners along their journey.


We have unrivaled expertise in all corners of the often unpredictable mining industry, and our knowledge positions us to partner with the world’s largest miners.


Our services are built with security and transparency in mind, and backed by the team that has created and maintained the top Bitcoin mining pool in the world.


We’re building out the infrastructure for the future and finding new opportunities along the way to best serve the miner journey.

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