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Enabling development for fast, secure crypto apps that scale

Solana aims to support high throughput and low transaction time. Solana’s blazing speed and low fees scale as the ecosystem grows without sacrificing censorship resistance or security.

Solana is a smart contract platform optimized for maximum throughput and high availability. It achieves this, in part, through its implementation of Proof of History (PoH), a proof for verifying order and passage of time between events. Its Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism is then leveraged for confirmation of the current sequence produced by the Proof of History generator. Validators help to secure the network using through staking its native token, SOL.

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Solana FAQ

How do I stake SOL with Foundry?

Solana has an open delegation model. This means that anyone who holds SOL in a staking-enabled wallet can delegate their tokens to Foundry’s Solana validator in a permissionless and anonymous fashion.

If you have questions about SOL staking, need assistance acquiring funds, and/or already hold SOL with a custody provider, please reach out to us at [email protected]. We’ll help guide you through the process!

Is there a minimum required to stake SOL?

No, there is no minimum requirement to stake SOL.

What is an SPL token? Is it the same as SOL?

SOL and SPL do not refer to the same thing. SOL is Solana’s native coin. SPL is a standard for tokens built on the Solana blockchain. For a helpful comparison: SPL is to SOL is to Solana as ERC20 is to ETH is to Ethereum.

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